With help from our team, community and partners, these are the key milestones we are looking forward to achieve in the upcoming months.


Yugonova is a startup launched by a group of professionals from former Yugoslavian countries.

With the increase of robotics and automation, the nature of work is rapidly changing. Jobs as we know them today will not be the jobs of tomorrow. Majority of people will be freelancing in the upcoming decade. Freelancers and non-freelancers alike prioritize lifestyle over earnings, according to FIA. Millennials want more freedom to decide when and where they work and other generations want more compensation more for their experience.

Yet, accepting payments is one of the main issues for freelancers and they often report consistent problems with getting paid on time. Furthermore, if you work within a team, there is always a time-consuming process related to introducing clients to the team and making multiple payments to people in different countries with different payment preferences. Therefore, Yugonova is developing a payment and team management solution for cryptocurrency and fiat payments which provides safety, reduces friction, and helps freelancers and employers efficiently trade services for capital.

Yugonova is already working with industry experts with experience from major companies and institutions such as Societe Generale Bank, Dash, UNDP, Google etc.


Yugonova ecosystem

Payment providers

A direct opportunity for a new revenue stream by partnering with Yugonova.


Tools to efficiently present your talent and get compensated for your hard work.


Easily assess the potential hires and make the necessary payments via a single checkout.

Outstaffing agencies

Discover more opportunities and connect with established freelancing teams on the market.

We believe in

Fast and Reliable Payments

Cheap Transactions

Fair Compensation

Borderless World Economy

Job sharing and Collaboration

Our Vision


Accept and make payments in different international currencies, both fiat and crypto.


Select your preferences and easily distribute payments among your team members.

mobile app

Define project milestones and protect your work with Yugonova escrow service.


Efficiently present your skills and achievement to potential clients with a team resume.

Our Team

Kristijan Kocić
  • Co-founder of Sixpence Crowdfunding, Founder of
  • Serial entrepreneur and philanthropist.
Vedad Mešanović
  • Co-founder at GliaLab, AI company supported by NVIDIA and Google.
  • Ambassador at Central European Startup Awards.
Branislav Jerotić
  • Experience building complex software solutions.
  • More than 10 years of experience.
Aleksandar Kalabić
Lead of development
  • Skilful full stack developer.
  • Experience coming from companies like UpConfig.
Radivoje Peškić
Blockchain Adviser
  • Software developer at Gamecredits, a successful blockchain company.
  • Worked on development of Lemon.mail at DEVANA.
David Kobrosky
Tech Adviser
  • Venture Partner at Contrary Capital & Founder at Skate 4 Africa.
  • Advisor at African Blockchain Initiative.
Gabriel Itoka
Global Outreach
  • Partner at Icarus Int. Served as a consultant to UNDP, Siemens, Pfizer
  • Returned Peace Corps Volunteer ('13-'15).
Luka Sučić
  • Business development at Aeternity Ventures, investment fund.
  • Former investment manager at hub:raum.
Petar Savic
  • London Co-Director at Startup Grind & Founder at Supreme Factory.
  • Blockchain advisor to numerous governments.
Emira M. Mandić
  • 20 years of leadership experience in non-profit organizations like WWF.
  • Member of the Rotary Club in Serbia.
Nebojša jović
Research & Analysis
  • Country Manager at Dash Digital Cash, one of the leading cryptocurrencies.
  • Co-founder of organization.
Jasmin Alić
  • An award-winning educator, author and seasoned copywriter.
  • Growth projects for Apple and Shell.
Nikola Stojiljković
  • Software engineer at Improbable, a startup that raised 512M in funding.
  • Experience from companies like Microsoft.

Frequently Asked Questions

The idea for Yugonova was born out of our own experience of working as freelancers and the trials and tribulations of using existing payment solutions and presenting our work to potential clients.

Freelancing is a growing industry across the globe. In 2017, 57.3 million Americans were freelancing (36 percent of the U.S. workforce) and contributed approximately $1.4 trillion to the economy (Upwork/Freelance). This number has been growing ever since. It is projected that more than 80% of people will be freelancing in the upcoming decade.

Absolutely. In order to work on the mainstream adoption of digital payments, we need to enable online and brick-and-mortar sellers and service providers to accept payments in different cryptocurrencies without any pain points associated with the price and liquidity of these digital assets.